Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal dispute involving money damages or specific performance rather than criminal sanctions. Civil law courts provide a forum for disputes involving torts (including accidents, negligent conduct and intentional acts causing injury, conversion, defamation/slander) contract disputes, property disputes (trespass, nuisance, boundary issues and easements), and any other conflicts between one or more people, companies or other organizations.

The Law Offices of J. Scott Isherwood counsels and represents individuals in civil litigation matters. We counsel clients who have been injured by another and those who have been accused.

When a client comes to us with a litigation matter, we thoroughly analyze the facts and legal issues involved, and provide realistic recommendations for solving the problem. With an understanding of the issues and a defined plan, we have the experience and resources to solve these matters whether by informal communications, by mediation or arbitration, and/or by representation in a civil lawsuit resulting in a jury trial or appeal.